2 Looks - $250/2 Hour Shoot Includes (4 Edited Images)

3 Looks - $325/3 Hour Shoot (6 Edited Images)

4 looks - $425/4 Hour Shoot (8 Edited Images)

Quick Note: Look = Wardrobe Change


For Headshots, and fashion photography we recommend using a professional Makeup Artist. You're welcome to bring your own Makeup Artist to the shoot. If you don't have one that you work with . We can provide a Makeup Artist for an extra cost. A good Makeup Artist will run between $50 - $100/hr. This fee would be added to the rate. 


Your package includes Live Art Love's in-house retouching services. After each photography session, we send a folder featuring the best photos to the client. The client pick their favorite images for retouching. Amount of retouching is dependent on the package booked (i.e. 2 Looks Package, gets 4 retouched images). 

Services include: Blemish removal, color correction, under-eye circles, and airbrushing of the skin. Additional photos, not included in your base package are $20 per photo. For extensive retouching (body enhancements, facial changes etc.) contact us via email.


To book a photography session we require a $100 deposit to insure your spot. We process deposits through Venmo or via Paypal. Once received, we'll email the contract of services which outlines our agreement. 

*We accept cash, credit card, Venmo or Paypal. 

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