SNOW is a social app founded in Korea. It allows users to communicate with friends. Through disappearing text messaging, video message, stickers, and filters. With growing popularity in the Korean market. SNOW decided that it was time to hit the American market. With plans to launch in the states, they wanted a Los Angeles backdrop. Since users are drawn to this aesthetic. 

Through various video messaging to Korea. Live Art Love was able to communicate with proposals, mood boards and treatments. Across the country thanks to Dropbox. We were able to portray our vision of friends using the SNOW app to stay connected. 

With a strict deadline of two weeks, we hit the ground running. SNOW wanted this video to help launch into the States. But also to introduce a new line of stickers and filters.


One of the challenges of working with a client in Korea is the time zone difference. Maintaining the Korean aesthetics in regards to their branding as it translates to the American Markets. So, we had to study their current marketing in Korea to adjust for a new audience. 

We completed casting over the span of a week. With final selections chosen by the SNOW team. They wanted to have a diverse look and feel to the commercial. 

Shooting over the span of a week we used screen capture to get actual footage of the SNOW app working in real time. This was important to filming to sync up with the actors in the scenes for the commercials. During post production, the editing team overlayed the screengrabs onto the commercial. 

We met all deadlines on time to the satisfaction of the SNOW team. 



SNOW had a number of cut downs for social media usage. It was successful and garnered over 400,000 views online.