Capturing moments is an art. Especially when that image will tell the story of your brand. Diving deep into the client's needs. We find joy in capturing stories through stills. Working with a team of wonderful photographers we shoot print advertising, fashion, portraits, product and lifestyle photography. Everything is done in house from photography to the photoshop. We can provide you with the high definition photography you seek.



Live Art Love started in the film industry. Having fun using the skills to bring life and a cinematic style to the digital world. Live Art Love works with companies of every size and gives the same attention to detail whether it’s a large production for a major brand or a small shoot for a new start up. Covering commercials, documentaries, explainer, crowdfunding and short films. Everything is done in-house from story development, pre-production, and filming. To post-production which includes editing, color grading, and sound design. This means the client is able to be involved with every step of the video production services.

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We understand that sometimes you need a push in the right direction. The digital space moves fast and can be overwhelming for anyone trying to jump in. We're staying at the forefront of trends so that we can find the best fit for you. That’s why we enjoy consulting with companies that are new, restructuring or that just need some great ideas moving forward. We’ve traveled for brainstorm sessions with major brands and had Skype sessions with small teams. We love formulating ideas, just as much as putting them into action. Along with consulting, we provide content marketing, branding, design, social media content and management.