AT&T recently launched a website to help entrepreneurs called “Business Circle.” This network is a platform to allow small businesses to learn and grow. In developing this site, AT&T wanted to profile businesses. That use technology in their day-to-day. We produced a series of 5 documentary videos following small innovative businesses.

Sharpe Suiting is one of the small businesses we connected with on this journey. Sharpe suiting is a bespoke clothing company that caters to the LGBTQ community. Creating high fashion suits for any special occasion. Including a ready wear collection.

The mission of AT&T business circle was to showcase a day in the life of Sharpe and speak with the founders. Where they tell the story behind their business. And the importance of technology in the communication, design and ordering process. Sharpe was on the verge of launching their first ready wear collection. They were happy for the opportunity to use the video to help with their crowdfunding mission. 

Working with the deadline of a few weeks. We came up with a vision to capture a story in a way that both AT&T and Sharpe would enjoy. We did this by creating a proposal, mood boards, and treatment. We organized to shoot around Sharpe’s launch schedule. This allowed us to capture the launch process. As they shot for their lookbook, checked fabrics and visited their manufacturers.


Since Sharpe allowed us to be present during their launch. It meant a hectic and challenging two days of shooting. As our small crew worked to not disrupt the natural flow of their work. They were working on a tight deadline as well, as their launch included an event. Staying minimal we used a two camera set up when documenting. While an audio engineer captured the interviews and ambient sounds of them working. 

The first day we concentrated on Sharpe shooting their lookbook. With the models posing for photographers. Founders checking clothing and getting a feel for the dynamic of the company. Day two included the manufacturer’s facility, as we saw where they create the clothes. While getting to sit with the founders as they talked about their roles with the company. We were able to do this with the background of fabrics, sewing machines, and Sharpe suits.



The Sharpe Suiting video is on the AT&T Business Circle’s website and social media channels. It was also connected to an interview that AT&T conducted with Sharpe for their business blog.

Sharpe was able to use the video during their Kickstarter campaign. Which was successful, surpassing their goal and gaining over $69,000.