Kit Culture is a Men’s athletic brand that came to Live Art Love. With a mission of creating a digital video that showcases their new collection. Kit Culture is an activewear line made for the millennial man. That can take him from the office to hiking and then to drinks with friends. It includes a ready wear line that covers - shirts, pants, shorts and outerwear. With the video, Kit Culture also wanted lifestyle photos taken for the new lookbook.

Their goal for this new video and lookbook was to relaunch their website and branding. Working with the deadline of a month we came up with a vision to accomplish the look of a “Kit Culture Man.” We did this by creating a proposal, mood boards and treatment. For a story that intertwines three storylines. These storylines would reflect how versatile the Kit Culture brand is. It showed a couple hiking, a guy biking to work and a group of friends hanging at the beach.  

With a strict budget and timeline, we produced the video and lookbook at the same time. Having a photographer on set to capture the same models for the print advertising. This also created a seamless look to the website upon launch.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 5.59.27 PM.png


Kit Culture enjoyed the involvement in the casting and location process. The Kit Culture brand is athletic, so we had to make sure to find models that fit the physique. Someone who might cycle on the weekends but works in the Arts District. We did this by narrowing down my creating profiles of the top talent for the spot. For locations, photos were shared with the client. We then discussed why and how we would use the spaces and what it would bring to the look of the shoot.

One of the challenges for this shoot was achieving all the shots needed within two days of shooting. Because the talent was being simultaneously shot for print and video. Keeping the team to a minimum utilized the budget to the fullest. While allowing us to be agile going between filming for the video and shooting for editorial. The final product was in 4K resolution.



The initial video and lookbook are on Kit Culture’s website and social media. To bring further awareness to the brand. The video and photos were also used in a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter campaign was a success. Helping garner extra attention for the brand. The relationship between Live Art Love and  Kit Culture has expanded. With Live Art Love taking over visual branding. Which includes creating the catalog, product videos, and on-going social media content.