Live Art Love offers in house full-stack marketing services. Clients can mix and match the following to customize the best marketing techniques to represent their needs. Startups and major companies often rebrand or need creative ideation. We strategize the best avenues to connect to their demographic and needs. Companies receive new ideas for marketing, advertising, OOH, commercial, and social media integration.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Why do you need a content marketing strategy? Companies without a strong content marketing strategy lose 3 times as many leads. Content marketing is the use of brand created or curated content. Which brings awareness to their marketing goals. It includes: attracting new users, enhancing customer experience, building brand awareness, creating a social media presence or anything that enhances brand loyalty. Live Art Love will create an in-depth content marketing strategy for your company.

Social Media Content and Management

What is the future of Social Media for marketing? The hotspot demographic of teens, spend up to nine hours a day on their favorite social media. In fact, the average internet user has 5 social media platforms they use on a daily basis. Social Media captures 30% of online usage. Meaning, a potential for marketing through blogging, facebook, instagram, snapchat and twitter. Live Art Love will create original photography, video, and graphics for your needs. Including, managing your social media platforms while creating strategies for growth.

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Branding and Design

What is the importance of branding and design? Branding is creating how the customer will view your company. From their experience with your website. To the way your logo makes them feel and how you communicate through digital channels. When companies don’t show brand consistency, consumers feel uneasy about their validity. 80% of consumers value a brand’s authenticity as one of the most important factors when making a purchase. Live Art Love will streamline the branding and design process. Whether you need a logo, website, landing page or business cards. Your brand’s online presence is part of your company’s success.


What are the benefits of hiring a consultant? Most startups need direction for marketing their company. You might not be ready for a full strategy or commercial campaign. BUT would like to plan for when you ARE ready for the next steps. Live Art Love's strategists have experience in the following industries: Start-ups, Fashion, E-commerce, Digital, Entertainment, Retail and Food and Beverage. Having consulted small companies on how to tackle crowdfunding campaigns. While helping big companies integrate Snapchat into their business strategy. These ideas set the groundwork for future commercials, events, and campaigns. The knowledge is there and we’re ready to help your business get the audience it deserves.

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