Diversity in Front and Behind The Camera

Diversity in Photography
Diversity in Fashion

Live Art Love is a diverse company. It’s important when you start a company to set out to create an environment that caters to all. This will help shape the work you do and give you the confidence to speak for those that don’t have voices. The media shapes a lot of how you view yourself.

When creating a fashion campaign, we'll have an idea on a specific look. That's considered, “high fashion, beautiful or editorial.” Close your eyes and think of it right now. I’m sure a lot of fashion models, billboards and campaigns came to mind. Use those as ideas but don’t see them as the only way to shoot. You must think outside of the box to create change.

At Live Art Love, we do every casting to include all ethnicities. We don’t have a set race or look when it comes to shooting. We only know, we need a model to fit the role. It’s more fun to go into a shoot without thinking, “this model must be (insert race) with this color hair and this weight.”

When it comes to diversity in all entertainment fields, we have a long way to go. We know we're not the only ones looking to create change. Here are some tips on making diversity in front and behind the camera a priority.

Diversity in fashion shoots
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Throw away that carbon copy image in your head. The same commercial campaign that we’ve seen. If you have some creative control, which depends on the client. Put that casting up to include all ethnicities. Lower your strictness on height and weight. See what faces pop up and who you can work with to still create the vision you want. By seeing other faces in the casting process you’ll become more open to fresh ideas.

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Always have your inspiration - mood boards, Pinterest, magazine clippings. Whatever you need to get fun ideas. Yet, see if you can do those ideas more diverse. If you can add people of all races somehow. I’m not saying to include one token race person to fill a quota. But to look at the photo from another set of eyes. You’re going to have to use your imagination. Since the industry has been one way for so long that it is hard to find examples that tick all the diverse boxes.

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Even noticing that there is something off about your campaign or it’s noninclusive is a start. It’s time to look at your team. Is it diverse? Could you do better at have a team that represents the work you’re doing? Everywhere that you can show representation. Matters. You won’t notice the impact it has on your work. But it’ll be there. It will make your work shine and provide inspiration for those younger growing up.

Diversity in front and behind the camera
diversity in front and behind the camera

Those are our tips for creating diversity in front and behind the camera. Representation matters, every little step helps to make a bigger impact later down the line. Try to do your part to include a wider demographic when you shoot your next campaign, film or commercial. 

What are some tips you have for making sure you represent everyone?

Thanks for reading!