How to shoot a lookbook

Whether you’re an aspiring fashion photographer or brand. You should know how to shoot an eye-catching lookbook. There are many styles of lookbooks as it’s sometimes interchangeable with a portfolio. We’ll be teaching you how to create a fashion lookbook.

So, what is a lookbook? A lookbook is a collection of images that capture a fashion designer’s collections. This gives potential buyers the ability to see how the clothes create looks. Hence the name “lookbook.” It’s a must-have for brands and designers to shop their collection to boutiques and stores to carry.

Regardless of budget, there is no excuse to not have a lookbook for your company. We'll go over 5 tips to create a great lookbook no matter the cost. This will help if you shoot it yourself or hire professional photographers.


How much do you have allocated to a lookbook? You can budget high or low but make sure that your expectations match your budget. You’re not going to get Kendall Jenner on a $1,000 budget. Remember that this is an investment that will help you bring more revenue to your company. The more you can allocate to budget the better it will be. We understand that if you’re starting out you can’t afford to drop a lot for a lookbook. Think about the most important aspects of your collection. Example if it’s a high fashion collection you want a makeup artist and stylist. If it’s a t-shirt line, you might be able to get away with the models doing their own makeup. If you’ve never budgeted for a shoot before here are some things to consider that can cost money.

Studio vs Run & Gun: Studios will cost money, usually hourly. Run & Gun doesn’t cost money but makes sure you have the model and team ready to get a few shots at every location.

Location vs Your own House: Shooting at a location usually starts at $1,000 a day (that’s being very modest). Your home could work, but be honest with yourself. If your house is a small janky mess than opt for run and gun.

Models: Lower budgets stick to one model. Yes, you can use your friend… if they look like a model and fit your clothes well. It’s your brand and tone. Sometimes brands call for “real people” modeling. Sometimes a high fashion look is the way to go. Regardless more models, with more experience = more money.

Photographer: In this case, we’re the photographers. But if you’re looking for a great photographer you’re going to have to pay. If you’re shooting yourself, yay you save! Study your inspiration so you know what to capture.

How to shoot fashion models


When you have your budget down. You can get realistic about what you can pull off. Think about your collection and the feelings you want it to convey. Is it tropical? Minimalist? Glamour? You get it. Study your collection, why you created it and work from there. Find photos that inspire you and create Pinterest boards. Once you have pinpointed the theme and style for the shoot. Make a shot list of images that you want to capture. This with a mood board can help everyone on the team to stay on point.

How to shoot a lookbook on a budget


Touched on it before but your budget will determine your team. Don’t be afraid to wear many hats if you’re starting out with your company. When finding models and team, make sure you’re aware, you get what you pay for. With that, the most important elements of the shoot are the models and makeup/hair. Assuming this is your own company, you will need to double as the fashion stylist for the shoot. To find Models and Makeup Artists use social media, referrals, and casting sites. Some of our favorites include:

Model Mayhem

Film & TV Pro




We love shooting in natural light. But in some cases, the clothing shines in a studio environment. Studio environments can remain minimalist making the clothing the main focus. Shooting outside in natural light can give a warm glow or a nitty-gritty aesthetic of streetwear. Figure out what fits you, by researching beforehand. Look at clothing companies with a similar tone and see what worked for them.

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Sometimes you can get caught up in shooting and forget the clothing is most important. Make sure that the textures, colors, and fabrics of your clothing are shining through. Get a few angles, including the back. When people view this lookbook they want to see how the clothing falls on the model.

Creating a lookbook is a fun collaboration. If you have an idea and you’re focused you’ll get images to take your company to the next level of greatness. Here is our video that goes in depth on how to create a lookbook:

What are some tips or questions you have regarding Lookbooks? Let us know!

Thanks for reading!