How To Shoot Male Models

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How to shoot male models. We’ve gone over how to shoot a lot of amazing female models from glamour to lingerie. In this tutorial, we’ll tackle how to capture male models. You’ll find that it’s as fun and that you can play around with different aspects of photography. We shot our male model with the Sony A7III. Our favorite camera in the game right now. Here are some tips when shooting male models.


When it comes to shooting we usually tell you to stick to natural light to have a soft look on your models. That’s perfect when working with female models. When working with males you can also use natural light. But, if the sun is glaring don’t be afraid to use harsh light. This can add a sharpness to your model. Highlighting his jawline and giving a more rugged aesthetic. This look might not always be great for a glamour shoot. But it will be cool to help your male models look badass.


When it comes to male models it’s good to have a few go-to poses that they can do. To loosen them up in front of the camera. It’s a good idea to have movement added to the shoot. You can do this by having the model move around, pretend box, take the jacket on and off. In this shoot, we even used an empty box of cigarettes to add movement. The great thing about male models is the ability to have them put a hand in a pocket if needed. Find ways to add movement and it will bring your photos more life.

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When shooting with male models don’t be afraid to experiment with location. Since you don’t have to rely on natural light as much. You can find places that are darker that can add cool shadows to your shot. This will give your photos a dark and moody flare. Also, bonus tip is to have a good battery operated light you can travel with. This can allow you to play with locations that might seem too dark to use. We find alleys, wire fences, parking garages, and alleys are great backdrops. They're places to use harsh light and experiment with location.

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