How To Shoot Lingerie (Sony A7R III)

How to shoot lingerie
How to shoot lingerie models

It's good to add some lingerie shots to your portfolio if you decide to pitch to lingerie brands. We'll tackle some tips on how to make sure that shoot goes smooth.

Understand Camera Settings

When shooting lingerie I tend to like to shoot wide open. Wide open means shooting at a lower F stop. Somewhere between 2.0 and 2.8. To avoid blowing out the highlights. I like to increase my shutter speed. By increasing the shutter speed. It tends to give the shots a more moody look. Increasing shadows to the shot that I’m taking. With lingerie, I like to keep shadows to hide some of the body. That way it makes it more artistic. Creating a more classy and dramatic look.

Understand Camera Settings
Create comfy environment
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This is an intimate shoot. You must make sure that the communication between you and the talent is clear and concise. This should be from the very first email or phone call. Let them know what you’re looking to shoot. Send them references that prepare them for the shoot. Don’t let there be any surprises. Also, throughout the shoot make sure that she feels confident in what she’s wearing. You won’t find any problems if you let the model know what kind of lingerie or brand she’ll be shooting in ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than a model in lingerie that they don’t feel great in.

Lingerie Model

Comfortable Environment

Making sure the model feels comfortable will help the shoot move smoothly. Since this is a lingerie shoot. It’s best to have few people on set as possible. That way it’s less intimidating for the model. When working with female models we find that it’s best to always have a female presence on set. Also allowing models to bring a friend, manager etc might make her feel more at ease. Unless shooting for specific brand, it’s a good idea to have a selection of lingerie. And to have the model bring pieces that she already owns. Also, make sure that you have a private place for the model to change and a cover-up for between shots.

Here is our latest video that goes in depth on the top three tips on shooting lingerie.

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