Best Zoom Lens For Sony

Tamron 28-75mm Model On Tennis Court

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We’re on the hunt for the best zoom lens for the Sony Alpha Cameras. Especially our favorite camera, the Sony A7 III. The two lenses we decided to test are the Canon 24-70mm 2.8 and the Tamron 28-75mm F2.8. We enjoyed using both of these lenses. Keep reading to see the head to head comparison.


The Canon 24-70mm 2.8 is heavier and bulkier compared to the Tamron 28-75mm F2.8. The build quality is sturdier and it feels more professional. It’s about 805 grams, compared to the Tamron which weighs in at 510 grams. The Tamron is more plastic feeling, I wouldn’t say it’s cheap though. But it’s definitely lesser build quality than the Sony. Both lenses look professional. I actually prefer the looks of the Tamron over the Canon.

Canon 24-70 - Model Posing

Canon 24-70 - Model Posing

Tamron 28-75mm - Modeling Posing

Tamron 28-75mm - Modeling Posing


The Canon lens on the Canon 1DX handles autofocus better than the Tamron 28-75mm. In photography modes, you won’t have any problems with either lens’ focusing. But, if you plan on shooting fast motion or sports photography, go with the Canon 24-70mm. It handles burst modes better.


Both lenses have stellar image quality. At F2.8 they are both sharp lenses. The Tamron 28-75mm is a tad bit sharper but it’s actually hard to tell. As both lenses have great contrast and sharp optics. I will say, the Tamron does vignette more than the Canon. Keep that in mind.

Tamron 28-75mm - Model in Bodysuit

Tamron 28-75mm - Model in Bodysuit

Canon 24-70 - Model in Bodysuit

Canon 24-70 - Model in Bodysuit


Excited to have an affordable zoom lens for the Sony A7III. Until now our options were either shoot F/4 lenses or adapt Canon or 3rd party lenses to the Sony cameras. The Tamron is F2.8 which creates awesome bokeh. I’m excited about not having to spend that extra money on adapters or buying the expensive G Master Sony lenses. But the Canon and the Tamron bokeh is comparable and beautiful. The bokeh is delicious.

My favorite lens out of these two is the Tamron. It’s affordable, gives good quality and it’s lightweight. When you’re traveling those are the best points you can have in a lens.

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Canon 1DX Mark II vs Sony A7 III

Canon 1DX Mark II Photo

Canon 1DX Mark II Photo

Sony A7 III Photo

Sony A7 III Photo

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For our latest camera comparison, we put the Canon 1DX up against the Sony A7 III. Let’s start with the dynamic range. It’s great on both cameras. The Sony A7 III has 15 Stops of DR. While the Canon 1DX has 13 Stops of DR. If you’re not experienced with color grading you might have a problem dealing with Sony Log footage. When it comes to obtaining Dynamic Range. The Sony has many options when it comes to Log Profiles for Color Grading. The 1DX Mark II doesn’t have flat color profiles for grading. But, if you hack the camera, you can access them.


When it comes to skin tones Sony Cameras aren’t usually praised. Yet, the Sony A7III has stepped up their game with new color science. Which makes the A7 III better than previous Sony Alpha Cameras. Yet, out of the box the Canon 1DX produces better skin tones in camera. One trick around this for Sony Alpha Shooters is to buy EOS PRO Color. I’ve found that with these color profiles, you lose a little dynamic range. Gaining a better highlight roll off and better skin tones.


Both cameras perform well when it comes to autofocus. The Canon 1DX working better when it comes to tracking in-video modes.

Sony A7 III Photo

Sony A7 III Photo

Canon 1DX Mark II Photo

Canon 1DX Mark II Photo


The Canon 1DX has an optical Viewfinder so that can be hard for video in bright situations. As you have to look at the screen to watch the video. The Sony A7 III screen is not the best quality. But I find the viewfinder awesome when shooting photography and Video.


The Sony A7III has more options when it comes to video codecs and more usability in post production. The A7III files are smaller and easier to edit or create proxy files.

The Canon 1DX has huge files when it comes to video, about 30 minutes of footage is around 128GB. So memory cards are going to fill up fast. This is due to the camera using motion JPEG. I know a lot of people like the quality it produces. But a lot of professionals think it’s a huge pain, especially the processing power it takes to edit these files.

Watch our Full Video on the Canon 1DX Mark II Vs Sony A7 III:

I still prefer my Sony A7III over the Canon 1DX though it has some wonderful features.

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Top 3 Glamour Photography Tips

Top Three Glamour Photography Tips
Glamour Photography Tips 4.jpg

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We’ve been having a good time playing with the new Sony A7 III. Recently used it during a glamour photography shoot and wanted to give top tips on how to pull off this style on a budget. We used the Sony 24-70mm F/4 Zeiss to see how it works in a different shooting environment. My Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 should be coming any day. Can’t wait to do a head to head lens comparison when it does. We’ll have a chance to see which is the better lens for the Sony A7 III.

In the meantime, here are the top three tips when shooting Glamour Photography.


It’s easy to think glamour and thinks diamonds, vintage fur coats, and long gowns. Which are glamorous but you see how our bank account works. We have to find a way to be glamorous on a budget. You have to walk the line between gaudy and high fashion. Meaning, it’s best to find one flashy statement and make it the focus of your shoot. Even downplaying it a bit. Pay attention to trends, it’s good to have at least one high fashion magazine in your arsenal. You want to study before you jump into this style. Since too many accessories or the wrong clothing can come off as cheesy. Don’t think you have to break the bank on wardrobe and accessories. A lot of the fast fashion companies (F21, H&M) copy from high-end designers.


We planned on shooting with backdrops and strobes. Going for a studio look. I even shot a few images that came out great. But, in the middle of shooting, I decided I’d rather go outside and find a location. I felt that the model would do better in a natural environment. You have to be okay with changing your initial decisions. I loved my studio shots and the ones I got in different outside locations. When it comes to lighting, don’t be afraid to scratch an idea completely and move on instinct. Sometimes it’s best to improvise and plan new ideas.

Glamour Photography Tips 3.jpg
Glamour Photography Tips 2.jpg


Working with experienced models is great. But there is something genuine about working with new talent and watching them rise. I find that there is a lot of untapped talent out there. You have to look. It’s easy to find the model that has thousands of followers. But you’ll find models with great looks that have less. Where you can create great work with less pressure. These models are looking for content and are great to bounce ideas off of. That doesn’t apply to models. Work with new people when it comes to all creatives once in a while. It’s nice to get a fresh perspective on the industry.

To Recap:

  • When you’re shooting glamour, make sure you pick the right wardrobe that’s simple and not too gaudy.

  • Make sure you experiment with different styles of lighting. To get different looks and different moods.

  • Don’t be afraid to venture to new fresh faces when booking your shoot.

Watch our Full Video on the Best Tips for Glamour Shots w/ Sony A7 III:

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SONY A7 III Review

Sony A7 III Review
Sony A7III Review 1.jpg

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The Sony A7 III is a new camera on the market that’s in high demand for photographers and videographers. After two months on the waitlist, we were lucky to get our hands on this hybrid camera. If you’re looking to order the camera now it’s currently backordered 1-2 months on Amazon. I was so excited to get my hands on this camera that I had to test the features ASAP and let you know my initial thoughts. We wanted to see if the Sony A7 III lives up to the hype. Seeing if it's a good camera for photographers, videographers, and filmmakers.


Sony cameras have a history of not being the best when it comes to menu settings and ease of use. But if you’re like me, you’re used to the Sony camera menus. After working with a variety of cameras over the years. I’ve come to the conclusion that we as photographers/videographers are getting pretty spoiled. We expect cameras to fit our exact expectations. We should pick up a camera and shoot work like Kold, Peter McKinnon or Jessica Koblessi. That’s not how it works. What I like about the Sony cameras is they’re customizable. After a good time investing in manual, you learn how to work with the Sony Cameras pain points. Because it’s a great camera at an affordable cost.

With customization, the Sony works magic. Here are some custom button settings that I love:

  • C1 to APSC Super 35 Mode to punch into subjects.

  • C2 to Zerba’s for exposure and to make sure I don’t blow out highlights

  • C3 I keep as the Focus modes so I can switch between manual and autofocus settings.

  • C4 I like to set to zoom for clear image zoom, to add another zoom function for added reach with my lenses.


The Sony cameras autofocus isn’t as good as the dual pixel autofocus from Canon. But Canon has yet to come out with a camera that has the video and photo functions with a 24mp sensor. The Canon 1DX is a great camera yet their video codec sucks. Plus the cost is absurd, ain’t nobody got time for that.

The autofocus on the Sony A7 III when tracking the subject is amazing. The 693-Point AF System is second when it comes to the Canon cameras. But, it’s light years ahead of Canon cameras with the extra pro settings.

The Autofocus was my favorite part of the Sony cameras. It’s what made me look at them apart from the Panasonic cameras, GH5, or GH5S.

Tracking subjects are not always reliable, but about 80% of the time it seems to do an awesome job.


One of the reasons people tend to gravitate to the GH5 or the Canon 1DX is the slow-motion videos they can create. The GH5 can do 4K 60p which the Sony cannot do. Yet the Sony A7III is a beast when it comes to slow motion. It's up there with the Canon 1DX which is a $5k camera.

The Sony A7 III is a killer camera, with a bunch of features, and professional settings. Before I say it’s the best camera of 2018 I have to put it through more tests. I want to know how well it does fashion, documentaries and commercial work.

Watch our Full Video on the Sony A7 III including test footage:

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What are some tips or questions you have regarding the Sony A7 III? Let us know below!

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How To Shoot Lingerie (Sony A7R III)

How to shoot lingerie
How to shoot lingerie models

It's good to add some lingerie shots to your portfolio if you decide to pitch to lingerie brands. We'll tackle some tips on how to make sure that shoot goes smooth.

Understand Camera Settings

When shooting lingerie I tend to like to shoot wide open. Wide open means shooting at a lower F stop. Somewhere between 2.0 and 2.8. To avoid blowing out the highlights. I like to increase my shutter speed. By increasing the shutter speed. It tends to give the shots a more moody look. Increasing shadows to the shot that I’m taking. With lingerie, I like to keep shadows to hide some of the body. That way it makes it more artistic. Creating a more classy and dramatic look.

Understand Camera Settings
Create comfy environment
Understanding Camera Settings 2.jpg


This is an intimate shoot. You must make sure that the communication between you and the talent is clear and concise. This should be from the very first email or phone call. Let them know what you’re looking to shoot. Send them references that prepare them for the shoot. Don’t let there be any surprises. Also, throughout the shoot make sure that she feels confident in what she’s wearing. You won’t find any problems if you let the model know what kind of lingerie or brand she’ll be shooting in ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than a model in lingerie that they don’t feel great in.

Lingerie Model

Comfortable Environment

Making sure the model feels comfortable will help the shoot move smoothly. Since this is a lingerie shoot. It’s best to have few people on set as possible. That way it’s less intimidating for the model. When working with female models we find that it’s best to always have a female presence on set. Also allowing models to bring a friend, manager etc might make her feel more at ease. Unless shooting for specific brand, it’s a good idea to have a selection of lingerie. And to have the model bring pieces that she already owns. Also, make sure that you have a private place for the model to change and a cover-up for between shots.

Here is our latest video that goes in depth on the top three tips on shooting lingerie.

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How to shoot a bikini model.jpg

When you mention Bikini Shoot to someone. They think of Victoria’s Secret or Sports Illustrated. That’s not always the case, you don’t need an elaborate beach set up to get killer swimwear shots.

For this shoot, we used the Sony A7RIII. This camera is new and we loved having a chance to check it out and see if it’s something we want to add to our own equipment. We will do a video on our thoughts using the camera soon. Here our our 5 tips to a successful bikini shoot.


When it comes to location sometimes Beach is ideal but it’s not always necessary. Depending on the client, you might not have the time to get a beach set up like you want. Also, it’s good to consider that Beach shots can be unpredictable and hectic to get going. Sometimes it’s best to get a little creative to give clients a fresh approach to their swimwear line. For our shoot, we used a backyard location with a pool. By moving around furniture we were able to get a green tropical feel behind the model. Always keep at eye on shadows, backgrounds, and spaces that can offer great coverage if shot.


Choosing a model for swimwear, you want to make sure they are confident in their skin. This doesn’t mean that they have to be a certain size. It means that they know that they’ll be modeling bikinis and bathing suits and they’re cool with it. Always let your model know ahead of time what to expect. Also, it’s good to have a warm and inviting set or experience for them to come into. I find for swimwear shoots it’s good to have some sort of female presence on set. This makes the model feel more comfortable posing. Which helps their confidence shine through.

5 tips for a successful bikini shoot


Getting the right angles means doing a few test shots to see what you want. A makeup artist that is familiar with bikini shoots can help give your models have a sunkissed glow. If you can’t afford a makeup artist don’t worry! To get great shots direct your model into poses that feel natural. Give them scenarios and how to react to them. If something is not working, play around with background and unconventional poses. It’s good to stay within the rules of photography but it’s also okay to break them. We say always break the rules a little!


We love shooting in natural light. We’ll always choose it over studio especially when shooting swimwear lines. When working in natural light, golden hours work best. But let’s be real, they don’t always fit into everyone’s schedule. If that’s the case always find spots of shade that give a soft light. Also, shadows are good and can create a moody and more professional editorial look to your shots. So don’t be afraid to use them.

How to shoot models


Again, as we mentioned. Don’t let your lack of beach stop you from working with swimwear clients! If you have a style or look you're going to figure out how you can achieve it within your means. For our shoot we wanted the model to have a slight “hair blowing in the wind,” feel. We didn’t have a wind machine. BUT we did have a blow dryer and an extension cord. That’s what it means to improvise. No one looking at the photo will know the janky improvisation that took place behind the scenes!

Those are our 5 tips on creating great Bikini Shoots. For a more in depth look check out our video that includes behind the scenes of the process:

What are some tips you have for shooting Bikini Shoots? Let us know!

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Creative Collaboration: Low Budget Photoshoots

Model Live Art Love
Live Art Love Model

When you’re coming together to ignite a creative idea, it’s always good to have support. Having a great team can make an ok idea into an amazing idea. Starting out with clients, you’ll have a small team. Trust me, you won’t have time to have all the bells and whistles. Having a small team can have it’s benefits. Which usually stem from everyone having input about the vision coming to life. If you have the right team, everyone will end the project with a piece that they’re proud to display. I work with a lot of clients that have a small budget but want high end results. Doing this for a few years, I’ve found ways to save money and still get the desired look for the client. With fashion photography it's easy to do if you have the right collaboration.

I recently worked on a fashion photography shoot with a small team. Though it was small, I was happy to have the input and help from a few professionals.

Here’s 3 collaboration staples for a successful low budget fashion photoshoot:

Team Work Live Art Love


Every photography shoot is different. Though you can go at it alone. You don’t always need to. Plus, it might make it stress free to have a few helping hangs on set. This can be in the form of a producer, assistant, stylist, hair and makeup etc.

For the shoot I did, I was lucky to have hair and makeup, stylist, and an assistant. When finding your team players it’s a good idea to find people that have experience doing more than one field. For example, my makeup artist also did hair. So instead of getting one person to do makeup and one to do hair. I paid the makeup artist a little more to do both.

I’m a strong advocate on paying the people you contact to work with. But, once in awhile I have people reach out to me to gain experience doing styling or shadowing me for free. This can be a big help if the shoot I'm doing doesn't include the budget for a stylist. In this case one of the model’s friends wanted to do styling. Which worked out great for me! In exchange she received credit for styling the shoot. Which is great since it was the first shoot she had ever styled!



When you’re working with a strict budget, you usually have a strict timeframe to do it. There’s no luxury in multiple days, endless set design and pre production days. Instead, you usually get a phone call with your key team and then you see them the shoot day. That’s not a lot of time. You have to make sure that you have a vision, it’s organized, and it’s told to your team. This helps when everyone is on the same page and they know what the end goal is. When getting the vision of your shoot. It’s best to have many sources. Magazine, Instagram, and Google. Save photos that fit your theme, print them out, have them nearby on the shoot date. Reference them often!

Live Art Love Makeup Artist


You’re a creative genius, we know. But, that doesn’t make your perfect. Be vocal with your team that you encourage input and ideas. This is everyone’s shoot let them have some creative magic too. That means listen to hair/makeup when they want to try something new. Have a few extra minutes? Snap a photo of the stylist working BTS on the shoot. Making people feel good, helps them do their best work. You don’t have to agree with every suggestion, but hear it out and think about if it could help. What I find is, usually a suggestion is changing something small and taking a photo. You never know unless you try, plus you can always change it back!

When forming your team, find people that are fun to work with and who you get along with. Shoots can take awhile! The last thing you want is someone who is only there for a paycheck. Paychecks are nice, great in fact, but so is having an enjoyable shoot. The best part of low budget photography is that even though you’re getting paid less. You’re choosing who you work with, how you’re going to do it and implementing your vision. Use these shoots to build the work you aspire to do and the team you want to build with.

Live ARt Love Vision
Live Art Love Armani Joseph

What are some tips you have when doing a low budget photoshoot?

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