How To Shoot Male Models

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How to shoot male models. We’ve gone over how to shoot a lot of amazing female models from glamour to lingerie. In this tutorial, we’ll tackle how to capture male models. You’ll find that it’s as fun and that you can play around with different aspects of photography. We shot our male model with the Sony A7III. Our favorite camera in the game right now. Here are some tips when shooting male models.


When it comes to shooting we usually tell you to stick to natural light to have a soft look on your models. That’s perfect when working with female models. When working with males you can also use natural light. But, if the sun is glaring don’t be afraid to use harsh light. This can add a sharpness to your model. Highlighting his jawline and giving a more rugged aesthetic. This look might not always be great for a glamour shoot. But it will be cool to help your male models look badass.


When it comes to male models it’s good to have a few go-to poses that they can do. To loosen them up in front of the camera. It’s a good idea to have movement added to the shoot. You can do this by having the model move around, pretend box, take the jacket on and off. In this shoot, we even used an empty box of cigarettes to add movement. The great thing about male models is the ability to have them put a hand in a pocket if needed. Find ways to add movement and it will bring your photos more life.

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When shooting with male models don’t be afraid to experiment with location. Since you don’t have to rely on natural light as much. You can find places that are darker that can add cool shadows to your shot. This will give your photos a dark and moody flare. Also, bonus tip is to have a good battery operated light you can travel with. This can allow you to play with locations that might seem too dark to use. We find alleys, wire fences, parking garages, and alleys are great backdrops. They're places to use harsh light and experiment with location.

Watch our Full Video on the Shooting Male Models:

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Top 3 Glamour Photography Tips

Top Three Glamour Photography Tips
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We’ve been having a good time playing with the new Sony A7 III. Recently used it during a glamour photography shoot and wanted to give top tips on how to pull off this style on a budget. We used the Sony 24-70mm F/4 Zeiss to see how it works in a different shooting environment. My Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 should be coming any day. Can’t wait to do a head to head lens comparison when it does. We’ll have a chance to see which is the better lens for the Sony A7 III.

In the meantime, here are the top three tips when shooting Glamour Photography.


It’s easy to think glamour and thinks diamonds, vintage fur coats, and long gowns. Which are glamorous but you see how our bank account works. We have to find a way to be glamorous on a budget. You have to walk the line between gaudy and high fashion. Meaning, it’s best to find one flashy statement and make it the focus of your shoot. Even downplaying it a bit. Pay attention to trends, it’s good to have at least one high fashion magazine in your arsenal. You want to study before you jump into this style. Since too many accessories or the wrong clothing can come off as cheesy. Don’t think you have to break the bank on wardrobe and accessories. A lot of the fast fashion companies (F21, H&M) copy from high-end designers.


We planned on shooting with backdrops and strobes. Going for a studio look. I even shot a few images that came out great. But, in the middle of shooting, I decided I’d rather go outside and find a location. I felt that the model would do better in a natural environment. You have to be okay with changing your initial decisions. I loved my studio shots and the ones I got in different outside locations. When it comes to lighting, don’t be afraid to scratch an idea completely and move on instinct. Sometimes it’s best to improvise and plan new ideas.

Glamour Photography Tips 3.jpg
Glamour Photography Tips 2.jpg


Working with experienced models is great. But there is something genuine about working with new talent and watching them rise. I find that there is a lot of untapped talent out there. You have to look. It’s easy to find the model that has thousands of followers. But you’ll find models with great looks that have less. Where you can create great work with less pressure. These models are looking for content and are great to bounce ideas off of. That doesn’t apply to models. Work with new people when it comes to all creatives once in a while. It’s nice to get a fresh perspective on the industry.

To Recap:

  • When you’re shooting glamour, make sure you pick the right wardrobe that’s simple and not too gaudy.

  • Make sure you experiment with different styles of lighting. To get different looks and different moods.

  • Don’t be afraid to venture to new fresh faces when booking your shoot.

Watch our Full Video on the Best Tips for Glamour Shots w/ Sony A7 III:

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Sony 24-70mm F/4 vs Sony 55mm F/1.8

Tiffany Toto Model
Sony Lens review

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Recently got the new Sony A7 III and have been looking at possible lens choices for my camera. We have been looking for a good hybrid camera. Since we do both video and photography for most of our clients. For video, we wanted a lens to capture commercial and documentary work. For photography, we needed a lens that can capture fashion and product. Having a camera and the right lens - that shoots it all and portraits was a must.

With the new Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 being back ordered for a few months. I needed a lens to work with for the time being.

Decided to schedule a last minute shoot to test out two lenses. Sony 24-70 F/4 vs Sony 55mm F/1.8 and see what we can capture.

Sony 24-70mm Vs Sony 55mm.jpg

Size and Weight

I like how the Sony 24-70mm looks on my camera. Seems professional and feels more sturdy. With a good weight to it. But, it is heavier than the Sony 55mm. If you’re shooting for a while you’ll want a wrist or neck strap. To help with the weight. The Sony 55mm is lightweight and more easy on the hands. I’ve shot with the Sony G Masters in past and these lenses are way lighter in comparison which is great.

Autofocus and Speed

Both lenses have quick autofocus in both video and photography modes. The Sony 55mm at 1.8 is fast and the Sony A7 III autofocus kills it. The Sony 24-70mm is an F/4 lens so the camera has a better time locking focus. Both lenses rock at autofocus and are fast and snappy to use.

Image Quality

The Sony 24-70mm at 50mm has amazing quality. The image is super sharp and great contrast. It would be hard to tell which lens is which at the same focal length. Both have great color rendition. I recommend either if you want high-quality images.

Tiffany Toto bikini
Tiffany Toto photography tutorial

Watch our Full Video on the SONY 24-70MM F/4 VS SONY 55MM F/1.8 including test footage:

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What are some tips or questions you have regarding the Sony A7 III and lenses? Let us know below!

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SONY A7 III Review

Sony A7 III Review
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The Sony A7 III is a new camera on the market that’s in high demand for photographers and videographers. After two months on the waitlist, we were lucky to get our hands on this hybrid camera. If you’re looking to order the camera now it’s currently backordered 1-2 months on Amazon. I was so excited to get my hands on this camera that I had to test the features ASAP and let you know my initial thoughts. We wanted to see if the Sony A7 III lives up to the hype. Seeing if it's a good camera for photographers, videographers, and filmmakers.


Sony cameras have a history of not being the best when it comes to menu settings and ease of use. But if you’re like me, you’re used to the Sony camera menus. After working with a variety of cameras over the years. I’ve come to the conclusion that we as photographers/videographers are getting pretty spoiled. We expect cameras to fit our exact expectations. We should pick up a camera and shoot work like Kold, Peter McKinnon or Jessica Koblessi. That’s not how it works. What I like about the Sony cameras is they’re customizable. After a good time investing in manual, you learn how to work with the Sony Cameras pain points. Because it’s a great camera at an affordable cost.

With customization, the Sony works magic. Here are some custom button settings that I love:

  • C1 to APSC Super 35 Mode to punch into subjects.

  • C2 to Zerba’s for exposure and to make sure I don’t blow out highlights

  • C3 I keep as the Focus modes so I can switch between manual and autofocus settings.

  • C4 I like to set to zoom for clear image zoom, to add another zoom function for added reach with my lenses.


The Sony cameras autofocus isn’t as good as the dual pixel autofocus from Canon. But Canon has yet to come out with a camera that has the video and photo functions with a 24mp sensor. The Canon 1DX is a great camera yet their video codec sucks. Plus the cost is absurd, ain’t nobody got time for that.

The autofocus on the Sony A7 III when tracking the subject is amazing. The 693-Point AF System is second when it comes to the Canon cameras. But, it’s light years ahead of Canon cameras with the extra pro settings.

The Autofocus was my favorite part of the Sony cameras. It’s what made me look at them apart from the Panasonic cameras, GH5, or GH5S.

Tracking subjects are not always reliable, but about 80% of the time it seems to do an awesome job.


One of the reasons people tend to gravitate to the GH5 or the Canon 1DX is the slow-motion videos they can create. The GH5 can do 4K 60p which the Sony cannot do. Yet the Sony A7III is a beast when it comes to slow motion. It's up there with the Canon 1DX which is a $5k camera.

The Sony A7 III is a killer camera, with a bunch of features, and professional settings. Before I say it’s the best camera of 2018 I have to put it through more tests. I want to know how well it does fashion, documentaries and commercial work.

Watch our Full Video on the Sony A7 III including test footage:

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What are some tips or questions you have regarding the Sony A7 III? Let us know below!

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How to Shoot Bohemian

How to shoot Bohemian Fashion
How to shoot Bohemian Style

Bohemian photo shoots are a lot of fun. They’re a great addition to your portfolio. If you want to shoot for brands like Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie. What is Bohemian or boho chic? Think a hippy style with flowing fashion, neutral colors, and a laid-back feel. At first glance, you would think this style is easy to capture. It can be but it takes more planning than street fashion or an impromptu photo shoot.

Wikipedia gives a definition I can get behind: 

“Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people and with few permanent ties. It involves musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits. In this context, Bohemians may or may not be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.”


Here are our tips for pulling off a bohemian photoshoot.


The fun part of a bohemian shoot is finding the right location. If you’re doing this on the cheap, you can stay outdoors. If your budget allows, find a cool location that can provide many settings. With indoor and outdoor options. With locations find ones that have character and adds flair to your photos. In a bohemian case, this means old furniture, plants, and curated places. For our location, we found a place where the owner was a world traveler and an amazing decorator. This meant that every corner of his home was a photographer’s dream. Including the outside which was an oasis with rich greenery blooming. Giving us the perfect backdrop for our model. In fact, we plan on visiting again because we didn’t have enough time to use each nook. 

If you’d like to book this location for your shoot visit his page on peerspace:

How to style a bohemian shoot
How to do Bohemian Style


For a bohemian shoot to pop off right. The styling needs to be perfect. With this style, it’s good to find a model that already embodies this style. Since they’ll be able to provide their own wardrobe. If not, you can visit stores and get inspiration online. When it comes to a bohemian style you want to include accessories - rings necklaces and headwear. Also, it’s good to find clothes that drape off the model's body. Find some inspiration online and make a mood board. That way you can share it with your makeup artist and model. Here are some things that work well for bohemian shoots:

  • Beach Waves
  • Curly Hair
  • Body Jewelry
  • Long Skirts
  • Earthy colors
  • Sandals
  • Bare Feet
  • Tattoos
  • Henna
  • Flowing Dresses
  • Hats
  • Maxi Dresses

Those are some ideas to get your creativity flowing.

How to capture bohemian models
How to capture bohemian photography


Time to get technical. When shooting like this you’ll want to capture the photos with natural light. This means shooting outside and scheduling your time to include some golden hour. This can be in the morning or at night. But, in Los Angeles we find the golden hour lasts longer in the evening. We always plan our shoots more midday to evening to take advantage of this. The golden hour will give your shoot a more earthy feel. Which is perfect for the free spirit vibe that you’re capturing. For the camera settings, I like to shoot at a high shutter speed. That way we can freeze the movements of the model. Which is important in this style of shooting. This allows the model to move without feeling rigid with poses.

Watch our full video on How To Shoot Bohemian below:

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Top 5 Tips For IGTV

Top 5 Tips How to Use IGTV

Video is taking over. Instagram has created IGTV. Which is their platform dedicated to everything video. It connects through your Instagram page and you can post videos up to one hour on the platform. The coolest aspect is the default for videos, is vertical instead of horizontal. Recognizing most people watch videos on their smartphones.

With IGTV being brand new, the time is perfect for content creators to dive in and make magic happen. Now before you start repurposing old videos remember that IGTV wants you to be native. This means they want people to stay within their app. So to get preference it’s best to not cut your video in half and direct people to watch the rest on YouTube. You should use IGTV as a separate audience. Yes, both platforms can live in the world of social media. But with the rumors that IGTV will be making monetization easy soon. YouTube should question what’s next in for innovation.

Now here are our Top 5 Tips for tackling IGTV like a Boss


Since the IGTV favors vertical video. You need to think vertical when creating content. This means that your long vlogs in cool locations may not work the same. You have to realize most of the video will be on your face unless you pan away. As long as you know that, you can make vlogging happen. You have to make sure that you have a story to tell. Here are some creative ideas for IGTV: Behind the Scenes, Travel Films, Fashion, Music Videos, Recipe videos, How To’s and Fitness. That should get you started!

DO NOT FILM LANDSCAPE/HORIZONTAL. This is a big no-no. I’ve started looking through the app and I've seen quite a few people posting old videos that are landscape. If your video causes me to turn my phone horizontal. I’m never coming to your page again to watch videos. In a world where first impressions matter. Make sure yours is in the right format!

If you’re hoping to use the same footage for YouTube as you do for IGTV. Make sure you are always centered in the frame to make cropping easy later. Keep reading for tips on cropping and settings!

Use your Smartphone for IGTV


Though you can use a fancy DSLR camera, don’t let your lack of high tech gear stop you. You can jump in and start making cool content with the iPhone. A quick and easy way is using Instagram Stories to film. Instagram stories allow you to film small chunks that you can add words or fun effects to. The best way to use it, is to save individual videos from your story. Save each small clip right after you film. It’s easy to use later and piece together a story. The reason I don’t think you should post an entire IG Story into IGTV is that they’re different. No one wants to see a video if you have a selfie photo in the middle. If you’re boomerang crazy like us! Downloading individual clips eliminates the unnecessary selfies and boomerangs. Once the clips download we like to use an iPhone app like inShot to piece them together.


If you have existing content that is horizontal, it might be able to fit in the new IGTV aspect ratio. Use professional editing software such as Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, or Avid. We use Final Cut Pro X for its ease of use and quick turnaround. Especially for YouTube and IGTV videos. Using Final Cut Pro X here are the steps we like to use:

  • Duplicate the project
  • Go into the info tab on the right of your duplicated project
  • Click on modify settings
  • Create a custom video resolution of 1080 x 1920
  • Apple ProRes 422 HQ
  • Make sure it says Standard Rec - 709
  • Click Surround Sound make sure it’s set to 44.1 kHz for the audio.

Once in your new project, you have two options for resizing your horizontal video using Final Cut. The first option is using spatial confirm (in the side panel) setting that to “Fill”. The problem with that is you can’t change the composition. Use the transform tool to resize the video and move it around until it fits your needs.

Professional Gear for IGTV


If you feel you’ll be making content for IGTV long term. It’s a good idea to invest in some professional equipment to stand out from the crowd. The best suggestion is to get a lightweight DSLR or mirrorless camera. For most YouTube content we use the Sony Alpha Series cameras. They have awesome autofocus, shoot 4k video and have a lightweight body and design. To shoot vertical video, get an external monitor, camera cage that has mounting points and a flexible ball head. By using the camera cage you can turn the camera on its side and mount to a tripod. With a flexible ball head, you can flip the monitor so you can check your framing. This lightweight camera rig setup is great for quick videos and (possibly) light enough for vlogging.

Bonus Tip: The most affordable IGTV microphone is the Rode Micro.


For IGTV, the length of your video has to be between fifteen seconds and ten minutes for smaller accounts. For larger verified accounts they get between 15 minutes and an hour.  The sweet spot for your videos should be between one to three minutes.

Audio and playback issues came up when we uploaded our first IGTV video. If you’re wondering how to fix audio issues with uploading to IGTV? Here are some export settings that fix the upload using Final Cut Pro X:

  • Make sure your video codec is h.64
  • Audio format Quicktime AAC
  • Make sure that the audio below says 44.1 kHz
  • The size must be lower than 650 MB for videos less than 10 minutes

IGTV has a lot of potential to be huge for audience interaction and content creation. We plan on using IGTV for behind the scenes, native content and fun travel videos.

Watch our full video on How To Use IGTV below:

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What are some tips or questions you have regarding IGTV? Let us know!

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How To Shoot Lingerie (Sony A7R III)

How to shoot lingerie
How to shoot lingerie models

It's good to add some lingerie shots to your portfolio if you decide to pitch to lingerie brands. We'll tackle some tips on how to make sure that shoot goes smooth.

Understand Camera Settings

When shooting lingerie I tend to like to shoot wide open. Wide open means shooting at a lower F stop. Somewhere between 2.0 and 2.8. To avoid blowing out the highlights. I like to increase my shutter speed. By increasing the shutter speed. It tends to give the shots a more moody look. Increasing shadows to the shot that I’m taking. With lingerie, I like to keep shadows to hide some of the body. That way it makes it more artistic. Creating a more classy and dramatic look.

Understand Camera Settings
Create comfy environment
Understanding Camera Settings 2.jpg


This is an intimate shoot. You must make sure that the communication between you and the talent is clear and concise. This should be from the very first email or phone call. Let them know what you’re looking to shoot. Send them references that prepare them for the shoot. Don’t let there be any surprises. Also, throughout the shoot make sure that she feels confident in what she’s wearing. You won’t find any problems if you let the model know what kind of lingerie or brand she’ll be shooting in ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than a model in lingerie that they don’t feel great in.

Lingerie Model

Comfortable Environment

Making sure the model feels comfortable will help the shoot move smoothly. Since this is a lingerie shoot. It’s best to have few people on set as possible. That way it’s less intimidating for the model. When working with female models we find that it’s best to always have a female presence on set. Also allowing models to bring a friend, manager etc might make her feel more at ease. Unless shooting for specific brand, it’s a good idea to have a selection of lingerie. And to have the model bring pieces that she already owns. Also, make sure that you have a private place for the model to change and a cover-up for between shots.

Here is our latest video that goes in depth on the top three tips on shooting lingerie.

Listen to Podcast Here:

What are some tips or questions you have regarding lingerie shoots? Let us know!

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LA Love Creative YouTube Launch Giveaway!

Live Art Love Giveaway

Create the work you want to receive.

The last few years, we’ve seen a shift in the industry. There’s more access to become a content creator. Meaning more people with a camera and a lot more talented and untalented (but cheap) videographers and creators for businesses to choose from. The bulk of our work came from brands and start-ups in the tech industry. Which means a lot of our portfolio showcases that. This is great, but as creatives, we don’t want to limit ourselves to one type of work. We want to make videos and photography campaigns for any industry - fashion, food, product etc.

With that being said, we’ve decided to begin creating the work we want to do professionally. The fun part is, we’re going to take you behind the scenes of how we do it. Through our YouTube channel LA Love Creative. We’re going to teach you how to create amazing work that hooks in clients. We’ll cover:

  • Commercial Videos
  • Fashion Films
  • Food Photography and Styling
  • Product Photography
  • Fashion & Editorial Photography
  • Instagram Style and Tone
  • Engagement Photography
  • Bikini and Lingerie Photography

This will be a journey of growth for us as creatives. However, it will also give you a hands-on look at how to tackle portfolios in all of these genres. As part of the celebration of our YouTube launch, LA Love Creative, we’re holding a giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a $75 Amazon gift card and one of our exclusive Live Art Love mugs. US only! Enter below:

Are there any other topics you would like us to cover? Let us know in the comments!